Authorities approve:
Felss Group has acquired HMP.

We Have Been Given the Official Go-Ahead for the Acquisition of HMP by the Felss Company Group.

The Felss Company Group has acquired the two HMP companies Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik GmbH and HMP Umformtechnik GmbH from Pforzheim. In the final step of the acquisition process, the transaction has been checked and granted legal approval by the appropriate authorities. This means that the company Heinrich Müller Pforzheim will be an official part of the Felss Group from May 13, 2019, and that the Group will be responsible for the management of both companies from that day on.

The acquisition encompasses all shares of the two HMP companies Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik GmbH and HMP Umformtechnik GmbH and the HMP property in the Göppinger Strasse in Pforzheim. Felss will be taking out a long-term lease on the HMP “Im Altgefäll” premises. Both parties have agreed that the purchasing price shall not be disclosed.

In the words of the Management Board of the Felss Group under the leadership of Dr. Reinhard Pfendtner und Ute Salzbrenner: “With the acquisition of HMP, we are bundling the resources and strengths of two successful, long-established companies. At the same time, we are further increasing the power and pace of our innovative capabilities to prepare ourselves for the fundamental changes within our industry segment and the challenges of the future in the best possible ways.“

In view of the positive financial situation of both companies, the orders in hand, and the consistent growth strategy, there will be no redundancies or closures of company sites. According to the Management Board, “Our key objective is the creation of a single, strong company with everyone onboard.

HMP is contributing its expertise in rolling technology to our expertise in rotary swaging and axial forming to augment the group’s portfolio. This will enable Felss to strategically expand a new business segment and augment its portfolio with a further innovative technology. In addition, the acquisition enables us to make higher production capacities and specific production and process expertise available to our customers and suppliers.

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HMP will be part of the Felss Group

The Felss Group is acquiring the two HMP companies – Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik GmbH and HMP Umformtechnik GmbH – from Dr. Bernhard and Dr. Frank Müller. This means that Heinrich Müller Pforzheim will now become a part of the Felss Group. The closing of the transaction is still subject to the approval by the relevant authorities.

"Our most important market, the automotive industry, is changing fundamentally. With the merger of our two long-established companies, we can meet this enormous challenges more effectively," said the Management Board of the Felss Group around Dr. Ing. Reinhard Pfendtner and Ute Salzbrenner. "By combining our strengths, we are above all increasing our innovative strength and speed. We want to be for our customers an even stronger global partner." In addition to swaging and axial forming HMP has also rolling in the range. This enables Felss to strategically complement a new business segment.

The acquisition includes the two HMP companies – Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik GmbH and HMP Umformtechnik GmbH – from Dr. Bernhard and Dr. Frank Müller. Felss RE GmbH (Real Estate) is acquiring the property in Göppinger Strasse, Pforzheim. Felss will be taking out a long-term lease on the HMP “Im Altgefäll” premises in Pforzheim.

Due to the good business and order situation of both companies and the growth strategy, jobs and locations will be maintained. When the relevant authorities have given their approval to the transaction, the Felss Group will be responsible for the management of both companies. “Our goal is to further pursue our strategy of consistent growth and create a powerful joint enterprise”, so the Felss Management-Board.



Dr. Bernhard Müller and Dr. Frank Müller comment on the transaction as follows:
"We are convinced of a sound joint structure and trust that the companies are given in good hands."

More Space for Growth!

In the „Altgefäll“ industrial park space for progress is in creation. Two innovative companies based in Pforzheim realize a joint construction project and create new interesting jobs.


The HMP group is expanding its facility for the production of lightweight automotive components by 2.500m². The facility was purchased and occupied in 2013. Since then, many new customers were won and further projects realized so that it became apparent already in 2017 that additional space is required. In addition to lightweight components, the HMP Group also manufacturers machines and systems for near-net-shape forming applications. At two locations in Pforzheim, approximately 250 employees work on innovative solutions for industrial customers from around the world. The group generates a turnover of approximately 50 million euros and has grown strongly in the past ten years.


For more than 30 years and now with more than 350 employees, Klingel medical metal GmbH is among Europe's leading suppliers in the field of metal cutting for precision technology in medical industry, measurement and control technology as well as aerospace. Since the company has been founded in 1986, the production space has been expanded three times at the location in the “Altgefäll” industrial park in Pforzheim (1999, 2006, 2014). The healthy growth and the positive business results in recent years have, together with HMP, made it possible to realize a new building by the end of 2019 in which the Klingel medical metal company will expand its current 9,500 m² of production space by approximately 6,500 m² which will be used for its future growth. The consistent orientation to the market and customers, the further expansion of the value chain as well as focus on highly complex, difficult-to-machine implants and components and doing so in combination with highly motivated employees and state-of-the art production machines will further ensure the success of the company. Investments in machines will be over market average in the coming years.


Overall, 9,145 m² of space will be created for ideas, new production processes and products. It is expected that at least 200 new jobs will be created in the next few years. Two globally active Pforzheim companies thereby demonstrate their commitment to Pforzheim as a business location!


Less is more – Lightweight Technology from Baden-Württemberg

Over 700 lightweight technology companies currently offer their products and services in BW Germany. In addition, there are more than 100 research institutes exploring the potential of lightweight technologies and development.