HMP MACHINE CONCEPTS are developed in collaboration with our customers. Our modular machine concept enables machines to be equipped with systems that are tailored to our customers' requirements and meet the quality standard of series production machines. We implement production solutions for components that are developed with the customer in a process of simultaneous engineering.

UR 3-4-24H

This machine is equipped with a size 3 swaging unit. It is a double rotating system and has a hydraulic feed.

UR 5-4-DD-24H

The machine illustrated is a single station machine. The machine is equipped with a size 5 swaging unit that is designed for plunge swaging. In addition, this machine has a mandrel device, automatic feed, belt conveyor, workpiece handling system and PLC control system. The machine illustrated operates fully automatically.

R 2-4-HMA-L-1-1

This machine has a CNC control system, which is particularly suitable for flexible manufacturing operations. The machine can be retooled for a different use in a matter of seconds using the appropriate tools. The machine illustrated with a size 2 swaging unit is used in the manufacture of complex profiles for spectacle frames.


Single station machine with integrated sound insulation and safety housing.


The machine on the left has a size 10 swaging unit for plunge swaging and a CNC control. The machine is designed for flexible use when forming large workpieces. The machine operates automatically using a robot.


Swaging unit without stand or feed unit.


Rotary swaging machine with stand and manual feed. The machine illustrated here has a size 2 internal rotating system with four-section die set.


Rotary swaging machine with stand and with no feed unit.