HMP machines are modular in construction and can be augmented according to customer specifications. This means that different processes can be linked to create a fully automated production line.

UR 2-4-DAH-AU-8

The machine has a total of eight size 2 processing stations, a CNC control system, test equipment and a reject gate. The machine's cycle time is five seconds. Unprocessed workpieces are fed through the machine via a vibrating conveyor. The control system makes it possible to retool the machine for workpieces of varying lengths within a few seconds.


The machine pictured on the left combines size 7 and size 5 swaging units. You can clearly see the workpiece handling system, which transports the workpieces from one station to the next. The conveyor belt can be seen on the left: this transports the blank into the range of the workpiece handling system's gripper.


The machine illustrated here is equipped with a range of small type RE radial forming units. Of these, two to five units can be integrated in the machine. They are indexed using the rotary cycle principle. The machine can be used for applications such as the production of spectacle frames in large quantities.

UR 5-4-DD-24H-AU-10

The machine pictured has several size 5 swaging units. It also includes integrated machining stations, axial forming stations and a station for the forming of screw threads. The component is fully manufactured in one run.