High-precision mills

for spring wire, cold forming
Tolerance: < 0.0005 mm

Quarto reversing rolling mill

Cold forming

DUO rolling mill

Roller size: 450 mm x 500 mm


The HVE and HVS ranges of uncoiling and coiling devices have oscillating material spools and a fixed inlet for wire stock. These devices can be supplied with speed-dependent actuators or with torque-dependent actuators. The machine illustrated here adjusts its laying width electrically for each cycle using two servo drives coordinated by a CNC controller.

Flat wire mill

With integrated heat treatement unit

Billet rolling mill

Roller size 280 mm x 500 mm
Cold forming

Profile wire mill

Cold forming of high-strength workpieces

Quarto rolling mill

Cold forming

Reduction rolling

6 stations
Roller diameters from ∅30 to ∅7
Vmax = 240 m/min