Drawing and Straightening - Machines

ZPR 7500

Chain drawing machine with a drawing length of 6 m. Instead of chains, the carriages can be moved using spindles or hydraulically. HMP builds drawing machines with single, double and triple infeeds.


Horizontal drum-drawing machine with axial traverse. The system has a set of tongs for drawing in material, an initial compression unit and a push-out unit. HMP builds drum-drawing machines with vertical and horizontal drawing drums. All machines have drives with infinitely variable drawing speeds.

SPZ - 500

Caterpillar-type drawing machine for drawing straight workpieces to any desired length. Both caterpillar tracks are driven via an infinitely variable speed control. The drawing die can move slightly in an axial direction. A force sensor controls the initial contact pressure of the caterpillar track as a function of drawing force. These machines can be used for cold and hot forming.

DRA - 2

Wire straightening and cutting machine with rotating wing straightener and rolling straightening elements. Feed is continuous and infinitely variable. Alternatively, the straightening process can be performed using radially adjustable profile rollers or rotary swaging units. Cutting action is activated either mechanically or via sensors.


Wire straightening and cutting machine. For wires up to a max. 4.5 mm in diameter.
Maximum cutting length: 2,000 mm

DRA 2 RE 2 R

Wire straightening, calibration and cutting machine. Calibration is achieved using a rotary swaging unit. For wires up to a max. 4.5 mm in diameter.
Maximum cutting length: 200 mm

PRB50 ZBK6000 4

Wire straightening, drawing and cutting machine. Straightening unit with 2 x 7 rollers, CNC-controlled roller feed.
Maximum drawing length: 4,000 mm
Maximum drawing force: 60 KN

RBH20 3

Stretch forming bench for wires and profiles (force or displacement control).
Maximum stretching force: 200 KN
Maximum stretching length: 3,000 mm