HMP, your Partner for Innovative Forming Solutions

As technology leader in rotary swaging, axial forming and rolling, drawing and straightening technologies we build for our customers in the automotive industry and in many other sectors machines according to their design preferences and develop individual manufacturing processes.

Our Service Portfolio

For more than a hundred years HMP convinces customers coming from all over the world and from different sectors as automotive, industry and aerospace.

Development of Components

HMP works with customers to develop new processes and products. Our focus here is on optimum efficiency. Working from available drawings or sketches, we develop design proposals that are often optimized in terms of both cost and weight. We help the customer select appropriate materials and additionally give guidance on the processes we offer. The end result is a fully optimized process chain for the production of a finished or in some cases pre-finished component.

Weight optimization

Dwindling resources are changing component requirements, with the focus now shifting to material efficiency and optimized weight. Our processes and technologies are ideally suited to supporting this endeavor. This is proved by a number of components that we have developed with our customers in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Research and development

HMP sees itself as a problem solver. New foundations need to be established time and again in order to ensure the continued development of our processes and technologies. This is an ongoing endeavor, carried out in various projects. Classified as a Small or Medium Enterprise, we receive state SME support for research.

FEM simulation

Prior to testing a process, it may be useful to carry out a virtual manufacturing process in a finite element simulation. With that in mind, we have worked with one of our academic partners to develop various models for this purpose. The simulation can provide valuable information on material flow and the stress ratios of the materials used.

Prototype Production

HMP produces prototypes, models, initial samples and pre-production parts in order to underpin the performance of proposed manufacturing processes. Metallographic and measurement analyses are performed and process capabilities are determined. HMP supports the customer during the "failure mode and effects analysis" (FMEA) and the development of control plans for series production.

Forming Dies

HMP provides the customers with a consistent supply of modern tools during series production. We see this as a continuous improvement process, because tool life is one of the key factors that influences machine availability.


The one-stop shop for tools: Tool design, production and testing are what HMP does best. This is where many decades of experience using modern computation methods and computer-aided manufacturing come into play. Tools are tested as well as measured before delivery. This means that our customers can be assured of guaranteed performance!





Machine Building

Our core business involves working with our customers to develop manufacturing solutions. We develop manufacturing processes and, if required, we validate these by producing samples. We design and build systems that are modular in construction according to customer design preferences. Assembly and testing of our products takes place at HMP, which means that we are able to guarantee a high standard of quality.

Sustainability through Retrofitting: Because of HMP’s high quality standards and modular systems, in many cases it makes sense after long years of use to retrofit instead of scrapping the machine. Outdated and worn components and systems are replaced with new, resulting in a machine that is good and new and will continue to serve you well for many years to come.

Make or buy?

Following successful process development, the customer is free to choose whether it wants to invest in series production itself or whether this should be left exclusively to HMP.

Serial Production

Regardless of whether large or small production runs are involved, the manufacture of metal components is one of our strengths. We focus on cost-effective forming processes in combination with machining processes. We also work with skilled suppliers to provide any further processing services, e.g. coatings or heat treatment.

Covering Periods of Peak Demand

One option is for us to take over responsibility for the start of production until a machine can be used at full capacity. We are also the right partner to help customers cope with unforeseen quantity increases. Flexibility has become a key competitive factor and minimum costs rely on the optimum utilisation of invested capital.

Backup Production

We are there to help when an internal system needs to be repaired or serviced. In an ideal situation, customers are able to prepare for such an eventuality, because viable processes are tested at an early stage and approved by us. We develop safeguarding for this purpose.

Quick Facts

  • Certified to ISO TS 16949 standard
  • Quality planning in accordance with automotive APQP standard
  • CAQ system for ongoing documentation and evaluation of process-related measurements
  • Use of modern measuring machines
  • ERP system for production planning
  • Rolling quantity planning through EDI transmission of call-off data